AJ Politics Advice works with each job 'tailor made' and according to agreed specifications. The services may include:

  • Monitoring of public sector
  • Political analysis
  • Strategic advice
Monitoring of public sector To solve political strategic issues that effect your interests, it is necessary to be aware of the policy-information at the source. Central to any lobbying is continuously monitoring of public sector:
- Without knowledge of the public opinion, effective influencing is impossible.
- Without knowing what moves the government, responding to policy initiatives and legislation is meaningless.
- Without knowing how government and politics works, a lobby can be counterproductive.

Political analysis
The synergy between information, procedures and people, understanding the motives and processes behind the actions are a key to success lobbying.


Strategic advice
Effective responses to political processes ultimately determine the success of your lobby:
- with trustworthy information,
- at the right moment in the decision process,
- aimed at the right people with the power to force decisions.


…Shows you the way in the formal and informal processes of political power…
…The consultancy that guides you 'hands on' through the political landscape of The Hague and…
…No lengthy reports but results…
…it is easier for your opponents to disregard your messages than to make them believe you…
…It's about what you want , not about what you do not want…
…Politics is emotion…

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